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The project and its main result, an educational simulation game, are a response to the needs of young people. The game is a non-formal teaching method based on competition, entertainment and entrepreneurship education. Together with our partners, we decided that a game in which participants would have to create their own start-up, write a business plan for it, look for financing opportunities, search for opportunities on the market and assess their risks, is a method to achieve our goals and those of the target group we are targeting. Thanks to the creation of the game and testing it on 300 young people, as well as the organization of, among other things.
Mobile International Entrepreneurship Fair, we will be able to:
-> build and develop entrepreneurial qualities and attitudes in young people;
-> stimulate young people to think creatively and solve problems creatively;
-> create a tool (game) that we will be able to further use in the field of entrepreneurship education;
-> create abilities in young people that will increase their employability in the future;
-> exchange international experience in two areas: in the field of work organization and project management, and in the field of entrepreneurship and youth work;
-> increase the capacity of participating organizations by gaining valuable project experience;
-> help young people take their first steps in business (by simulating the creation of start-ups);
-> increase innovation in young people;
-> establish a dialogue between the world of business, science and youth during the Mobile International Entrepreneurship Fair;
-> promote European values such as equality and solidarity;
-> continue to work with young people on contemporary issues and challenges;
-> maintain relationships with schools and youth organizations by providing them with a proven entrepreneurship learning tool;
-> establish relationships with new entities working in the field of entrepreneurship or working with youth;
-> nurture the sustainable development of the regions in which we operate by educating young peopl





French instruction

French game elements

Turkish instruction

Turkish game elements






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