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The “Ready, steady, start-up!” project aims to create and develop entrepreneurial qualities and attitudes among young people aged 15-25 by creating an educational game in which young people take on the role of entrepreneurs setting up their first start-up. Participation in the game will allow young people to feel like innovators, to use their creative thinking to take their first steps in the simulation world of business. We will create the game together with our partners, and then test it on 300 young people from 3 European countries. Participants in the game will learn about the process of entering the business world, as well as practice such social competencies as cooperation and creativity.

At the end of the project, a Mobile Entrepreneurship Fair will be organized for young people, as well as representatives of institutions such as high schools, universities, youth organizations, etc. During the Fair, the game we created will be promoted and disseminated, recruiters will help prepare a good resume, a lecture on entrepreneurship will be held. Entrepreneurs, representatives of organizations that deal with the development of start-ups, financing projects of young people, among others, will be invited. The fair will be held simultaneously in three countries – France, Turkey and Poland, and will be attended by a total of 120 people from three countries.

The project will include 3 partnership meetings.

The target group of the project is young people aged 15-25. The participants of our project will be ambitious and active people. They will be high school or college students. They will be young people from three European countries. However, we will distribute the game in English so that young people from all over Europe can participate. A total of 240 people will participate in the project by testing our “Ready, steady, start-up” game. 120 of them will be from Poland, 60 each from the countries where the organizations operate. The game will target young people from high schools, universities, youth organizations or institutions working for entrepreneurship. Among such organizations we will disseminate our game and we will try to have such entities implement the result of our project as their own activities. We want our game to reach a large number of young people from many European countries.

The project will be implemented from 28.02.2022 – 27.10.2023.

The project is co-financed by funds from the European Union.

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