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Partners meeting

Another partnership meeting was held on April 25, during which we summarized the activities carried out so far and planned future ones, including a meeting in Paris in July. Below is a short photo report from the meeting.

Partnership meeting

During the next partnership meeting, held on February 2, we discussed the progress of the preparation of the game testing workshops, the promotion of the project and ideas for educational materials on entrepreneurship. We will soon invite those willing to… Read More »Partnership meeting

Educational game

After several months of intensive work, we have prepared an educational game about entrepreneurship for you. We are translating, correcting minor errors and will soon invite you to participate in testing. Below are some graphics.

Startup news: startups in Europe

Which countries are leading in the number of startups, what are they doing, what challenges do they face? This will be discussed in this and the following posts. We invite you to read the materials prepared for you.

Startup news: what is a startup?

Here’s a little introduction about what the concept of a startup is StartUP_presentation Please comment and share your own experiences on this topic, also on our Facebook profile

Startup news

What is a startup, how to write a business plan, how to start your own business/enterprise, examples of successful startups from Europe, what it means to be entrepreneurial, what qualities and qualifications are necessary in today’s labor market – these… Read More »Startup news