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International Mobile Entrepreneurship Fair

At the end of the project, after testing our game, we will organize an International Mobile Entrepreneurship Fair. This will be an event for young people, as well as representatives of institutions such as high schools, universities, youth organizations, etc. The purpose of the Fair will be to promote and disseminate the game we have created. During the Fair, it will be possible to take part in an accelerated gameplay of our game. We will organize a stand where we will talk about the effects of the project – about testing, about the advantages and benefits of our game. We will prepare a stand where you can analyze and prepare your own resume with a recruiter. We will also invite entrepreneurs who have founded start-ups, Business Angels. These will be representatives of organizations that deal with, among other things, the development of start-ups, financing projects of young people. The fair will also include lectures on entrepreneurship. They will have an open character, resembling debates. We will invite participants to discuss topics related to entrepreneurship. The fairs will be held simultaneously in three countries – France, Turkey and Poland – and will be attended by at least 120 people.