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“Entrepreneurship Day” in Lodz

Yesterday, 19.10. at the Urban Activity Factory, the Institute of New Technologies organized an “Entrepreneurship Day” for young people. More than 50 people participated – young people from high schools in Lodz, teachers and coaches, lecturers, career counselors.
During the event, young people took part in workshops, lectures and consultations with experts on.

  • principles of creating a cv, what kind of cv convinces an employer,
  • competencies of the future and how to acquire them in building an employee profile,
  • how we understand the concept of entrepreneurship,
  • how to invest in yourself during your educational path,
  • Entrepreneurship as a competence – is it real,
  • qualities and skills, useful in business and full-time work,
  • Competencies of the future – a distant perspective, what to bet on,
  • how to earn, invest and be visible,
  • What is and how to create a good business plan.We also summarized Our project and promoted the simulation game.
    We sincerely thank all students, teachers and trainers for their involvement during the event.
    “Entrepreneurship Day” was organized as part of the dissemination event “International Mobile Entrepreneurship Fair” which was also held at Our partners in Paris and Antalya.
    Below is a short photo report.

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